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3D marketing uses latest 3D technologies such as 3D scanning to create new tangible marketing materials.If you are looking for new customer engagement tactics or need to add a creative dimension to a particular marketing campaign, then 3D printing could be your new best friend. Co-create with customers, boost consumer competitions, take events to a whole new level, roll out alternative advertising strategies or support product development with trial market entry prototypes. The possibilities are as endless as your own individual creativity.

High-end 3D visualization is key to ensuring sustainable competitiveness within your industry. Take advantage of 3D technologies and bring your business to the next level. With ever changing digital and social media movement, the time has come to again combine the tangible with online creativity. More personalization means more interaction with your customers.

X 3D Selfie - the concept

If you thought photo booths were the latest thing to spice up events, think again.

Have your guests 3D scanned and receive a miniature model of themselves. No gift bag can compete with this memorabilia. Boost your event theme or marketing campaign by inviting your guests to experience this revolutionary technology. Capitalise on the ‘selfie’ trend and give people the tools to bring it to the next level.

For specific product launch parties, guests have been asked to hold the product and preserve the special moment of the launch. This is also something internal teams appreciate; think of the smile on the product development teams face when you present them with a mini version of themselves holding up their latest creation.
No more borring parties. We know your guests will be thrilled to receive a 3D print of themselves, that's why our team of rocking designers create custom-made printable collections for your event.

How it works

The technology simply scans guests, taking multiple photos. These photos then create a 3D image-map based on the pictures. Once the computer processes them, they are sent off to be 3D printed and then created into an exact replica of the subject. Couples and small groups can also be produced. 3D scanning can be used at a variety of events from Annual Stakeholder Dinners to a product launch party to a wedding.

Product & Brand Integration

Go beyond simple logo branding of promotional items and take customisation and personalisation to a new level with 3D printing. Customise models to fit with your niche industry eg. If you are a real estate agent you could create 3D mini models of the very houses that you are selling. If you are an airline, you could create custom made, eye-catching baggage tags symbolising different destinations as part of your frequent traveller programme, and bespoke to your customer. Boost brand recognition and awareness and increase the likelihood of the item being loved, talked about and kept. High-end 3D visualization is key to ensuring sustainable competitiveness within your industry. Take advantage of 3D technologies and bring your business to the next level.

Setup Requirements

  • For Scanning a Person a small apce of 8'* 8' is required
  • Only one single power plug
  • WiFi Connection for Uploading the files on Cloud
  • X 3D will be bringing all the required tech.


If you can think it, We can create it

Launch Events

Promote your Brand & Product at a launch event by crafting tailor make 3D miniature models for your promotional handouts.


Ask your guest list to get dressed in different avatars and get them 3D Scanned naming the night as 3D SELFIE night, creating buzz all over.

Formal Dinners

No more boring dinners. We know your guests will get thrilled by recieving a 3D print of themselves, so get your friends, couples and guests 3D Scanned holding a glass of wine or any object and share the virtual image on social media.


Exhibit your companies product in a concert or a stadium and allow people to get 3D scanned holding the product and making it viral over social media


Impress your guests with your creative ingenuity. Invite guests in style by 3D Scanning them and later handling there 3D miniatures as a gift.


Create Custom made trophies or a momento for your employees and show them the gesture of appreciation in 3D way.

Ready to take Marketing to the next level?

Hire Us & Allow Us to Market your product through the world of 3D and seek maximum attention of customers by involving them as a part of marketing activity. .