The scanning system offers a profitable all-in- one solution, for which the operator doesn’t requires special know-how of 3d scanning. With this system, you can concentrate on your core business or to market your services.

Scanner is based on the principle of Photogrammetry. To capture the scan 100 cameras of 5 Mega Pixel resolution are used. The scanning time is only 1 / 100s and detects objects such as persons and pets within 50 cm - 210 cm size can be obtained.

  • Truly Mobile and Easy To Store, Setup in 10- 15 min
  • User Friendly software enables a smooth process
  • Automatic upload of scan data in the cloud
  • Expert 3D artists lead the after-Processing
  • Integrated LED Lighting

How it works

You buy the scanner and we post process for you

3D Scan

You can Choose 2 Modes Before shooting Either Projection On or Off. In case of Projection Off, the system captures the subject from 100 angles single time. In case projection is On, then 2 captures are done, one with and another without projection. Start Capturing, it takes fraction of a second.

FILES SENT TO CLOUD for post processing

The Scan files are uploaded to the cloud and then worked upon to produce the best 3D Model , every single time. Any type of addition to the model like Glasses, Accessories can also be done.

Download and use your amazing 3d model

Now your 3D Scans are ready for download and they can be 3d printed, Used For AR,VR, Animation and everything else.

Technical Specs

Modular Towers Of 7.5 ft height with Intergrated LED Lighting, come with 6 and 8 Camera Configurations. More towers can be added when required.

2700 x 2200 mm

Data acquisition happens in 1 / 100s

People and Pets from 50 cm - 210 cm Height

1 x 230 V AC power supply with min. 16A fuse / power consumption 1.4 KW

For cloud-based data processing recommended min. VDSL25 with 5000 Mbit / s Upload, Optional. LTE stick for mobile use

The scanner supports projection controls for better 3d models by using 2 image sets. One with projection other without. Projection is controlled by the software.

why choose x3d100

All In One

In order to create professional looking 3D characters, three essential and concerted steps are necessary: Scanning, Processing and Printing". The solution of X3D STUDIO combines these steps into one congruent product.

Quality Product

The use of all the necessary value-added process is unique in the industry. The result of this approach is an outstanding and enduring character quality that convinces every critical customer.

INSTANT 3D Scan and view

The full scan of a client takes only a Second and can be viewed quickly by the built-in software on any PC.


All subsequent steps such as Processing and even Printing are carried out by us, from one source, professionally and quickly. The scanner transmits all data directly to our team.


We have replacement guarantee of 1 year for all the parts excluding wires and frame.

After sales service

The X3D STUDIO is available along the entire value chain as a strong partner. From consulting services, the acquisition of the scanner over the modeling process to packaging / shipping we will help you with our experience and expertise.

X 3D MObile

X 3D Mobile Scanners provides the most affordable 3D Scanning solution which is totally user friendly. This scanner along with the post processing and 3D printing service can turn your photography business into 3D photography business. To know more kindly contact us.

Two ScanningBust
ModesFull Body

Potential Locations

best locations

Large Events

Events like concerrts, trade shows and comic-cons that invite heavy traffic can be the most suitable location. The positive and participating atmosphere will certainly create buzz all over.


The high visibility and heavy foot traffic make malls an amazing location to put up your scanner. This can lead to a reliable revenue generation.

Hired Events

Weddings, Launch events and parties can ask for your hardware as a service (HaaS). The upfront service fee in addition to revenue from 3D scans is a huge plus in such events.